Creative Coding with openFrameworks.


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This is a beginner-level introduction to openFrameworks (oF), a C++ toolkit for creative coding. We will discuss the structure of an openFrameworks app, the basics of the syntax, look at the tools and discuss the features of openFrameworks that set it apart from other toolkits. We will walk through the process of building an interactive application during which we’ll learn about openFrameworks, 2D graphics, interactivity and compatibility with other programs. At the end of the course, you will have built your own visual effect in openFrameworks which you can use and control from popular visual programs such as Resolume or MadMapper.

Course overview (4 evening sessions):
1. Exploring the possibilities of openFrameworks
We will show the possibilities of the toolkit by demonstration the examples, learn how to get your setup to working, and building your own first application. During the introduction we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of oF by comparing it to other commonly used toolkits such as Processing, and introduce the basics of the programming language C++ in which oF programs are written.

2. 2D drawing
In this session we examine the basics behind 2D computer graphics and create new work by experimenting with simple mathematics, algorithms and primitives (colors, points, lines, triangles, circles
…). At the end of this session, you’ll have an abstract generative 2D drawing to improve in future sessions.

3. Interactivity
Starting from our previous work, we make our app interactive using mouse & keyboard, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), live camera and even other applications. We further develop our 2D animation ideas into interactive applications.

4. Getting your visuals in the real world
What do we do with our interactive apps? We learn how to capture our visuals to disk and output them to other visual programs in real-time. openFrameworks has a vibrant online community; we learn how to share our work with others and how to use others’ work.

This course is for:

Explorer (= beginner)
Participants are expected to have some basic experience with programming, but no prior knowledge of C++ or openFrameworks is required.

Artistic guidance:
Bart Moens (Who’s this?)

Course dates:
Free Contribution class (what is it?): wed 17 feb 2016 / 19h-22h
Full OpenFrameworks masterclass: wed 17, 24 feb & 2, 16 march 2016 / 19h-22h