The Kindly Ones

Guy Cassiers visits the darkest side of human behaviour in his production De welwillenden based on Jonathan Littell’s novel, The Kindly Ones, about the extermination of the Jews during the Second War War.

By telling the story from the standpoint of the perpetrator, Littell places the reader in the uncomfortable position of identifying with that perpetrator… A coproduction with Toneelgroep Amsterdam.

In The Kindly Ones Guy Cassiers confronts the darkest side of human behaviour: Nazi ideology and the extermination of the Jews. What happened in order to make this catastrophe in the heart of Europe possible? What political, ideological, psychological and social transformations brought about this violence and let it take its course? Europe’s current shaky political foundations and the rise of far-right, xenophobic and anti-European parties give this project a special urgency.

Hangaar (Frederik Jassogne) created the video design for the play.

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