Homo Instrumentalis – Man, machine, music

with compositions by Luigi Nono, Georges Aperghis and Yannis Kyriakides

A multimedia performance about man and machine. Extraordinary song, mechanical dance, and overwhelming video transport you through the ages in seven-league boots. From the pure music of ancient Greece to cyberart in which the human voice is replaceable by electronics.

The performance Homo Instrumentalis is based on four compositions exploring our relationship with technology: Machinations by Georges Aperghis, La fabbrica illuminata by Luigi Nono and Ode to Man (part I and II) by Yannis Kyriakides.

There is admiration for human ingenuity, and satisfaction with the comforts of our digital world, but also fear of technologization. Do we really control technology, or does it control us?

Hangaar (Frederik Jassogne & Bart Moens) created the video design for the play.

More info can be found here: http://silbersee.com/en/blog/productie/homo-instrumentalis/